The Storyteller of Casablanca By Fiona Valpy


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The Storyteller of Casablanca By Fiona Valpy

In this evocative tale from the bestselling author of?The Dressmaker?s Gift, a strange new city offers a young girl hope. Can it also offer a lost soul a second chance?


Morocco, 1941. With France having fallen to Nazi occupation, twelve-year-old Josie has fled with her family to Casablanca, where they await safe passage to America. Life here is as intense as the sun, every sight, smell and sound overwhelming to the senses in a city filled with extraordinary characters. It?s a world away from the trouble back home-and Josie loves it. Seventy years later, another new arrival in the intoxicating port city, Zoe, is struggling-with her marriage, her baby daughter and her new life as an expat in an unfamiliar place. But when she discovers a small wooden box and a diary from the 1940s beneath the floorboards of her daughter?s bedroom, Zoe enters the inner world of young Josie, who once looked out on the same view of the Atlantic Ocean, but who knew a very different Casablanca. It?s not long before Zoe begins to see her adopted city through Josie?s eyes. But can a new perspective help her turn tragedy into hope, and find the comfort she needs to heal her broken heart?

Praise and Reviews

?A novel that will whisk you to another time and place, The Storyteller of Casablanca is a tender tale of hope, resilience, and new beginnings.? -Imogen Clark, bestselling author of Postcards From a Stranger ?Fiona Valpy has an exquisite talent for creating characters so rounded and delightful that they almost feel like family, and this makes what happens to them feel very personal.? -Louise Douglas, bestselling author of The House by the Sea

About the Author

Fiona spent seven years living in France, having moved there from the UK in 2007, before returning to live in Scotland. Her love for both of these countries, their people and their histories, has found its way into the books she?s written. She draws inspiration from the stories of strong women, especially during the years of the Second Word War, and her meticulous historical research enriches her writing with an evocative sense of time and place. An acclaimed Number 1 bestselling author, Fiona Valpy?s books have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide.


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