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MENTAL TOUGHNESS: Overcome fear. Forge the power of your mind and change habits for a happy life. Mind hardness and brain rules to achieve your goals. Willpower for a mental model of successful.

Why are there great athletes, leaders, students, artists, and so on?

What separates greatness from mediocrity?

What do they have that others don?t?


The answer is mental toughness, or what others call grit. And what?s great about it is that it can be learned. It is not something that you are born with, like intelligence or talent. So why is it essential in achieving success? Everything will be discussed in this book. You may be strong and intelligent, but if your mind already gave up, then there is nothing you can do about it. Your mental strength is the trait that will push you to the finish line, not intelligence or strength, especially if it is a long and arduous test.?This book covers:?? Paradigms Imposed with Habits?? Positive Mindset?? Get Out of Your Box?? Outline of how habits are formed?? Self-Image?? The Key Habit?? Build your stress-relief?? Respect your Commitments to Others?? Positive thinking?? Motivation?? The Magical Power of Error?? The Power to Decide?? Our reputation?? The importance of your Mental Health?? Living 100/100 – the best version of you?And many more. Look around you every day, and you’ll see people showing toughness of mind. Probably at least on some occasion you have shown some mental hardness before, and maybe you didn’t realize you were using it. This book shows you how to find your mental hardness and make the best use of it. Do you want to know more about this book??Take yours now, and enjoy it!

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